The London Bae

London Bae.jpg

Let me start by telling you that if you come across a London Bae never, and I mean NEVER, tell her that she looks like Kim Kardashian. Like never. What you might think she should consider as a compliment, SHE WILL NOT. Yes, the London Bae is a very confusing species. Like, don’t compliment her makeup, she isn’t wearing any (even if you think her face is sort of a work of art), or don’t tell her she looks thinner, the only workout she knows are squats and not to get her butt smaller precisely! Among their skills you can count the fact that they are able to pose in very natural positions emphasising both ass and bust, dress sexy but not showing much (just enough to tell you HEY! THEY ARE HERE! but keep you wondering how they got in there?) and the fact that London Baes need no fans in summer, they have their eyelashes, and no blankets in winter, they have plenty of synthetic hair to wrap themselves with.

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