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London is full of great stories. Stories of people that overcome problems, that fight for a better life. That is the case of Amalielee Amalie Lee, a woman that reinvented her life by taking control of her problem and make it her strength in the future. Another more reason to love London!
Get to know her and her story here:

The Buckingham Palace New Year

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We common people think about life in Palace as if all meals are caviar and champagne… but the Royal Family, one of the oldest family species in the London Zoo, enjoy life as any other peasant.

Happy New Year 2016!

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Ellie Goulding

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The National Joy Ellie Goulding and her White Chocolate Tablet boyfriend are a national treasure and now, part of The London Zoo.  She loves to share her life with us on @instagram​, and we love to follow her, specially because she is a regular of London’s streets. You can bump into her doing all the fancy stuff we all Londoners do, from shopping in boots to getting some booze. Oh Ellie, we love you!