Miss Muscles

Miss Muscles.jpg

Miss Muscles is a very common species in the south of London, especially in the Vauxhall area although they can also be spotted around Soho from Thursday to Sunday nights. This species of the London Zoo has developed muscles that didn’t exist before through dubious methods. Technogym is their god, and they worship in different temples around London, being Soho Gyms and Pure Gyms their favourite. Don’t be fooled by all the hair and the macho look, everything is planned so there is enough hair to attract followers but not so much that a colony¬†of lice could establish on their underpits. Their social life is as active offline as is online, and is it a characteristic of this species to post at least twice per day in at least two different social network, one of them always Instagram. But not all is vanity in his life, it is their characteristic trying to help people out to achieve their goals, to eat healthier, to strive, to work hard. To push, PUSH, PUSH!.

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