The Hat Girls

The Hat Girls.jpg

The Hat Girls develop a strange condition in one of their arms that gets very stiff and in an uncomfortable 45 angle, which gives them the capacity to carry a bag for the whole day without pain. They love to walk around in expensive department stores while they take mental notes. Later they go to ZARA and buy the cheap copies of the designer clothes they aspire to afford one day. They enjoy walking around with other Hat Girls and immerse together into deep OMGs conversations, although sometimes they like to also get silly and LOL to absolutely everything (do not walk around them when they are in this mood or you might get hurt). Often they bathe and dress their male companionship and take them with them so they can throw hints at them about what they want next Christmas. The Hat Girls were born the day some stylist had the great idea of putting together a hat and a long oversize coat on a magazine editorial.

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